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Buyer's Tips


Buying a Home


Get A buyer's agent, who is a licensed real estate agent who works for YOU the buyer. The buyer's agent takes the information given them to find the property for you. Then the agent negotiates on your behalf to get the property for you. The agent then makes sure all the proper steps are taken as shown below :


1) Ensures contract is written so that it protects you in the transaction.


2) Makes sure inspection is done, and negotiates for you to fix any problems found on property.


3) Makes sure the timing of your financing and closing works for all parties.


More and more consumers are enlisting the services of a buyer's agent to help them find and purchase their dream home or investment property. Buyer's Agents have a legal responsibility to the buyer only. Unless your real estate agent is representing you as a buyer's agent, that agent is working for the seller.


Our job is to get to know our clients, their likes and dislikes in properties so we won't waste your time showing properties that don't fit your specific needs. We can give you an honest view of the real estate market and provide you with all material facts and figures that could influence your buying decisions. We will calculate the fair market value of the home for you, and assist you in developing an offering price by using comparable sales data and other property facts. We work on your behalf and negotiate with the seller to get the lowest price at the best terms possible for you.


All of these services are at NO COST to you!


Our brokerage fee is paid by the seller as a cost of sale, the same way that traditional agents are paid. So, our professional buyer agent services don't have to cost you a penny.